How To Disinfect Plastic Baby Bath Tub


Many friends do not know much about the disinfection knowledge of plastic baby bath tub. Some parents worry about their baby's poor resistance in life. If the plastic baby bath tub is not disinfected, it will be infected by some bacteria. In fact, the disinfection of plastic baby bath tub can not be generalized. How to disinfect plastic baby bath tub? Let the small edition of Baibai Safety Network come with you to learn about plastic baby bath tub!

Disinfect Plastic Baby Bath Tub

The plastic baby bath tub is a product specially designed for young babies. Using plastic baby bath tub can make baby's bathing more convenient, and baby will feel comfortable. Some baby bathtubs are delicately designed and can increase baby's bathing fun.

What kind of disinfection does the plastic baby bath tub use?

1. Boiling water disinfection: Before disinfecting plastic baby bath tub, you must first rinse the bathtub with warm water. Then disinfect the bathtub with boiling water. Generally, after boiling water, boil for two or three minutes. It should be noted that plastic baby bath tubs are made of water that should not be too high boiling point, but also pay attention to the heat-resistant label on the bathtub.

2. Plastic baby bath tubs can be diluted with soapy water, bleaching powder and disinfectant tablets and soaked. After half an hour, they can be washed with clean water and then wiped or dried with clean cloth.

3. Iron bathtubs can be sterilized by exposure to sunlight for 6 hours. Sunshine is the safest disinfectant. There are no side effects and no economic input.



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