How To Use The Plastic Baby Potty


How To Use The Plastic Baby Potty

Every parent must face the problem of using the plastic baby potty for children. It will save parents a lot of effort if children learn to use plastic baby potty early. Some parents started Plastic Baby Potty Training as early as three months, while others waited for their children to be three years old. So, how to use the plastic baby potty? Let Rulong's Xiaobian know about it with you.

How to use the plastic baby potty

Guide baby to use toilet and plastic baby potty by following steps

Let the baby observe and learn: Use the baby's good imitation nature, let him enter the toilet with you, observe adult toilet situation. At this point, tell your baby what you are doing and why. Or using puppets to demonstrate and read storybooks is also a way to learn to imitate. When a boy's urination training, it's better to have male imitation guide, occasionally play some games, such as putting a false enemy he hates in the toilet, and then shooting it in.

In the simulation scenario, use the plastic baby potty: Placing the plastic baby potty next to the baby's playground is the best. It also allows him to use it as a small chair or dress up for the game of pretending to go to the toilet. You can choose the small underwear with cartoon characters and tell him, "If you want to not dirty your favorite cartoon characters, you have to learn to take off your pants and urinate on the toilet."

Toilet with parents: You can also put your baby's plastic baby potty next to our toilet, and then say to your baby, "Because the baby is small now, so sit on the plastic baby potty to urinate and defecate. Mother grew up, so she sat on the toilet. When the baby grows up, he can sit in the toilet like his mother. It won't take long for the baby to find that sitting on the toilet is as "natural and safe" as sitting on the toilet.



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