Is the plastic baby bath tub warm?


Is the plastic baby bath tub warm?

The plastic baby bath tub is a special bathing tool for babies. Bathing a baby in a plastic baby bath tub can give the baby a comfortable bath without worrying about the bacteria that the baby will infect. Is the plastic baby bath tub warm? Let Rulong's Xiaobian know about it with you.

With this thermometer, mothers do not need to test the water. It can accurately point out the temperature of the water and prevent the baby from burning or catching a cold by overheated or overcooled water. It is equipped with a humanized adjuster, and the protruding clasp on the deck is used to adjust the position. The mother can move back and forth according to the baby's height so that the baby can lie more comfortably. Anti-skid mat design, so that the bathtub can be more firmly placed on the bathroom floor, increase safety. The mattress can also isolate the ground, prevent the bath tub from cooling prematurely due to contact with the ground, and greatly lengthen the bathtub's insulation time.

Benefits of Baby Bathing with Plastic Thermostat Baby Heating Warm Bath

1. Clean the skin

Baby's skin is delicate, secretory, metabolic, skin wrinkles such as neck, axilla, groin (thigh root) there are much dirt, skin damage is also prone to bacterial infection. Frequent bathing can avoid bacterial invasion and ensure skin health.

2. Promoting Metabolism

Bathing not only stimulates the baby's skin but also promotes blood circulation throughout the body, which is conducive to metabolism.

3. Favorable for thermoregulation

The heat conduction capacity of water is 30 times higher than that of air, which plays an important role in the gradual maturation of the baby's temperature regulation center. The full contact between baby's skin and water can improve the skin's tactile ability and the ability to perceive temperature and pressure, which is beneficial to the improvement of baby's environmental adaptability.

4. Stimulation of brain nerve development in infants

5. Increase gastrointestinal peristalsis to help food absorption



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